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Our Process


Project Review and Business Analysis

  • We do a review of your business, discuss challenges, review your objectives and advise of any additional value-adds that may help your business. We then prepare an initial timeline for your project.

Data Integration

  • We perform data mapping and migration steps from your existing systems, speadsheets and paper processes and consolidate this data into a single BC SMARTFuel system to the highest possible degree.

Configuration & Customization

  • Although our comprehensive out of the box features provide tremendous value to your organization, we also understand that every business is unique and that customizations will be a part of your implementation. Our highly skilled custom-coding experts will provide the additional functionality to maintain a level of comfort and continuity between your existing system and your new implementation.


  • An out of the box solution provides you the benefit of a thoroughly tested system.  We do understand that your business will have customizations and unique needs that will require testing possibly modifications to the out of the box solution. Our process for testing includes comprehensive checklists that can be reviewed by our team and your team to ensure a stable implementation

Functional Analysis and Requirements

  • Involving all stakeholders, we discuss and agree upon the specific needs and requirements of the project, as well as exploring options and opportunities in your workflows and business processes.  We identify processes and workflows that can be improved through our technology. This approach results in the best use of systems, technology, and gives the best ROI on your BC SMARTFuel investment.

System Set-up

  • Our experts in the fuel industry understand your business requirements and what you need for a successful implementation. We take all scenarios, features, add-ons, and circumstances into consideration as we build your system plan and set you up for success.

Go-Live Strategy

  • Our Go-Live Strategy includes change management, process adjustments, timeline, roles and responsibilities. Comprehensive communications ensure a smooth "well-oiled", transition to the new environment.


  • BC SMARTFuel's post-implementation support options includes a pre-packaged six month plan as well as creative client-customized engagements to fit your unique business needs and gain the most value from your BC SMARTFuel solution. It’s an environment that gives clients predictable response times and controlled costs associated with their day-to-day needs

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